Zhenyu Li

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Zhenyu Li (me@zeekzhen.com)

B.Eng.,Electrical Engineering,Hangzhou Dianzi University,September 2011

M.S.,Theoretical physics,Zhejiang University,September 2015

I am a master student at Zhejiang University,Hangzhou,China. My current major is theoretical physics.

I have a wide range of research field, including Electrical Engineering, 3D printing, Machine learning and Theoretical physics. I was engaged in electrical engineering research during my undergraduate period, now I have been working on quantum information science and application of machine learning in condensed matter physics under the supervision of Prof.Xin Wan since September 2015.

Projects in Electrical Engineering(EE):

  • Voice/Gesture controlled 3d printed robotic arm.

  • Charging system for fire emergency lamp.

  • Portable X ray machine.

  • 30KV DC high voltage power supply.

  • Music arc.

  • 3d printed Leaning Tower of Pisa effects speakers with colorful lights.

Research on Physics:

  • Matrix-product states(MPS) and Infinite Time Evolving Block Decimation(iTEBD) In the spin system.

  • Machine learning with Restricted Boltzmann Machines(RBM) in the spin system.

  • Monte Carlo method in statistical physics.

  • Machine learning with Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) in the disordered system.